Wednesday, November 4, 2015

"Do you know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own." 1 Corinthians 6:19

This verse brought me much comfort this morning as I work to accept all that is going on with my body these days. I am getting used to have a different look with my hair and working toward accepting the fact that I am needing to heal my body and that everything I do should work toward that end.  The verse made me think, do I live my life as if my body is truly the temple of the Holy Spirit? Do I treat my body as the gift that God gave me temporarily while on earth?

I also reflected on the fact that no matter how I feel about my body these days, it's defining attribute is that God lives within me and I live for God! Therefore, even through suffering and uncomfortableness with my body, I must reflect God's love and peace. It shouldn't be a forced feeling because since God is within me (thanks the my parents' gift of Baptism and guidance on my spiritual journey) I have peace and I have love. GOD IS LOVE! When we live with love in us the peace emanates from within (most of the time). We are certainly still human and human nature involves anxiety and fear. But as long as I keep focused on God and his promises, I will be able to have peace and share His love.

How could I not be full of His love when so many of you are pouring His love right into us? Thank you for the phone calls, the texts, the e-mails, cards in the mail, meals, prayers and masses that are being offered. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the many ways you are sharing HIS love with us!

I have had a few days of feeling close to my old self. I have had the energy to live my usual life and to have fun with the boys. I even had enough energy to help Pete out around the house. Today I will visit a GI specialist to check on my digestive system as I experienced so much stomach discomfort with the first round of chemo. However, I can't help but think about how tomorrow I go for my second round of chemo and will again live one day at a time as my body recovers and heals. I will be forever grateful for the way so many of my colleagues are supporting me and covering for me on the days I can't even answer e-mails. I have an amazing support system at work. I am blessed to work with FRIENDS, not just colleagues.

We are thankful for so many of you who also chip in and help Pete and the boys on those days that I am out of commission. What an amazing support system we have with our family, friends from church, Regina Caeli Academy, and friends from various stages of our life. It's been great hearing from childhood friends and friends of my parents who have known me all of my life. What a blessing!

Yes, there have already been many blessings on this journey and God is teaching me to savor every one of them. I pray that each one of you will be given the blessing of being led to savor every moment and every blessing in your life!

Please pray for me and my family in the coming days as I recover from the second round of treatment. It shouldn't be as difficult as the last one.  I also ask that you pray for my dear friends, Nikki, Laura, Gisela and Fr. Joseph who are each also living with cancer right now in various stages.
God bless each one of you!

I am just realizing how easy it is to add pictures to the blog. So, or all of you who are not on Facebook and haven't been seeing these pictures, here are a few.

Below are some of the ANGELS who appeared at my first treatment and who, honestly, have been around me at various moments on this journey already. I wish I could capture all of my angels in pictures. I'll be sharing more of them with you throughout future blog posts. (P.S. I no longer have all of that hair.)
 Amy Trammel, long time friend from our neighborhood and the one who has assigned to be my "Breast Health Navigator" with Gwinnett Medical Center. AMAZING!
 Mom and Dad! They brought me the Holy Eucharist and so much more!
 What are the chances that my little brother, Mike, would have rounds at Gwinnett Medical on the day of my first treatment. Such a happy moment to see him! He is in the process of becoming a Gwinnett County Firefighter.
My wonderful husband Pete, my dad and my brother Mike making me laugh!

My sister, Elena, and her family were every present as they sent me a gorgeous spiritual bouquet full of their promised prayers. Such a blessing!
My brother Gene and nephew Joseph even came to visit me on their way home from a long trip.
Chris Wilson, my kidney brother, was there to be sure the treatment was off to a good start and to support Pete. He and his wife Kelley are always there for us!

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