Tuesday, October 20, 2015

"So we being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another." Romans 12:5

This verse has rung true for me and my family many times and it comes to life once again! We continue to be so touched by the outpouring of love and support from all of you.

The past two days have been kind of tough on me physically. Thankfully, I was able to attend Paul's soccer game Saturday afternoon and soak up some wonderful sun rays! After that, my body began to feel the effects of the chemotherapy. I became totally exhausted and nauseous while also experiencing some tough bone pain. This lasted all of Sunday and Monday.

I was able to get to Mass Sunday morning, but quickly realized I had pushed myself too hard. It still felt great to just sit and listen to the body of Christ praying as I joined in my silent way, reminded that we are one body in Christ!

Thankfully, we had friends taking the boys out on Sunday to have fun and we had my mom coming to spend the day with me Monday. We even had a friend bring us a delicious dinner Monday night. WE ARE ONE BODY! Thanks to all of you our life can continue as close to normal as possible. My boys feel so special and loved thanks to all of you reaching out to us. Through your witness they are able to see that in adversity God is present and much good can come of it.

This morning, Tuesday, Oct. 20th, I do feel that my energy is returning and the nausea is going away (hopefully). I will just take one day at a time as we continue to learn how my body will respond to the chemo treatments. One of my side effects that apparently is not very common, is that I am experiencing tough abdominal pain. Three of the four chemo drugs they are giving me list this as a less common side effect. I'm sure in time we will find a way to help alleviate the symptom. I am thankful for my husband's patience with me and my family's perseverance in caring for me.

Oh, I did see Dr. Yamaguchi (the breast surgeon) yesterday as she wanted to check on my port site. All is well. She did reiterate that with IBC (Inflammatory Breast Cancer) the recommended practice is to remove the breast once the tumors have been shrunk. I was really hoping there was some way for us to avoid that, but apparently there isn't. Today we will get to meet. Dr. Kristina Bowen at the GA Cancer Center for a second opinion. We have been warned that she will most likely say the same thing that Dr. Peacock has recommended, but it will be good to talk with a second doctor.

Thank you for continued prayers for all of us. Be assured of our prayers for each of you!

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