Wednesday, October 7, 2015

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11

It's a new day! Even though it is 3:42am and I can't sleep anymore, I am filled with hope for the new day!

We met with our oncologist, Dr. Kevin Peacock, yesterday at Gwinnett Medical. (I use his name here because I would love for each of you to pray for him by name.) He is a super nice man who is very compassionate, knowledgeable and calm. Sonia went with us to lend her support and expertise in the medical field. We so appreciate her support as we navigate this new life.

The doctor did express his concern for how advanced the cancer is. He is staging it at a 3 now but the PET scan and MRIs this week will show if we need to stage it higher. He expressed concern for the fact that this is an aggressive form of inflammatory cancer which has already spread to my lymph node on the one side. We are checking to see if it has spread anywhere else.

So, he and the other doctors he consulted want to move very fast in getting the cancer to stop growing and spreading.  I am grateful for that. As he said, women do not die from breast cancer. They die from the cancer spreading to other parts of the body. OK- take a deep breath here..... I will begin chemotherapy next Thursday, October 15th at Gwinnett Medical Center's Center for Cancer Care in Lawrenceville. I will have one treatment every 3 weeks for a total of 6 cycles= 18 weeks. At that point we will begin talking about surgery and next steps. Yes, my hair will fall out and I will be very tired, but life will go on!

I have been very involved in circles of friends who always look to the natural ways to support the body through its natural healing process. My mother has always instilled in us the confidence to question doctors and to look to natural ways to go about life, being one of the first women in GA to birth a baby with her husband in the room and supporting her when I was born. So, it is not easy for me to accept everything a doctor tells me at face value. Dr. Peacock was very good about answering my questions and acknowledging where I am coming from. This cancer is too far advanced to only rely on natural remedies. I MUST take action using the amazing medical advances that have saved so many lives.

This is very difficult for me, but I must surrender to the will of the Lord and accept the medical care that is being offered. I will get a second opinion, but that doctor couldn't get me in fast enough, so we will begin the chemo and still go to the second opinion appointment on the 20th.

Once again, I am counting my blessings. We have so many people around us supporting us and praying for us. We have faith in our Lord and each other. We have faith in the medical advances and in the natural ways of supporting my body through this process. The bottom line is that I do want to continue living a rich life full of adventures with my husband, kids, family and friends.

Join us in praying for the medical staff as they guide us through this journey to renewed health. Pray also for my peace of mind as I balance the medical with the natural, that I may always clearly know the path God is wanting me to take.

Thank you for your constant support and for being so concerned about us. The love we are feeling is AMAZING!!! Many more angels have come forward....too many to list.

I feel that God is asking me to slow down and appreciate the love around me. I will certainly do so!
May you each feel His loving embrace as you face the challenges of the day.


  1. God love you, Cristina! You have a great attitude. I'm praying for you!

  2. Everyday my morning begins with prayers for you to God, thoughts of you on my mind and love for you in my heart! You are cherished and loved! Love and Prayers,Kari

  3. Followed the link from Ms. Beckman's FB. I am too-familiar with the cancer world. Please contact me if/when the need arises!
    My blog is here: and can receive email there. Sorry you are having to deal with this! Will pray for your health at Mass this morning. -Celine

  4. My breast cancer diagnosis was in 2002 and I am fine. There are so many advances in treatment. Your faith in God, prayers, family, friends and your medical team will pour everyting into your recovery!!! Jeremiah 29:11 That is my favorite! I am a prayer warrior and you are on my mind and in my heart. You were always so positive and wonderful to work with before I retired from GCPS. Hugs to you and your family!

  5. Hi Christina, I just found out this past weekend and haven't stopped thinking and praying for you! You're such a beautiful soul and your words are an inspiration to me! I'm sorry to hear this news. I truly hope you heal and that God helps you through this! XOXO Diana Labandero Thomas